DuaLine Spray

Save 50%

Tired of spending hours on painting job? Now you can spray twice as fast with Dualine Spray, saving you time and energy. 


This airless spray tip extension features two spray heads for easy and convenient spraying, providing superior coverage every tie!

The two tips are spaced 6 inches apart that delivers a spray fans that's twice the width of a spray gun or single-tip extension. 

Dualine Spray is easy to assemble and use, and effortlessly fits all spray gun which makes it ideal for both professional and home use. 

You can also use it as a single tip by simply turning off the knob. 

whether you are a painter, artist or just looking for a convenient alternative to give your space a makeover, Dualine Spray could make a perfect painting companion for you! 



  • 2 x Faster Spray: Unlike traditional spray nozzles, Dualine Spray's two spray heads let you spray twice as fast without hours of efforts.  No matter what surface you are using it on, Dualine Spray always provides professional results in no time. 
  • Superior Coverage: Say goodbye to the traditional way of painting! With Dualine Spray, you can cover a larger area at once and cut your spray time by half.  it is ideal for large-scale commercial and residential painting projects.
  • Versatile: You can easily convert Dualine Spray into a single tip nozzle, simply by turning off the knob. You can use it on walls, ceilings, furniture, fences, cabinets and much more!  
  • Easy to use: With easy set up, easy spraying, and easy cleaning, Dualine Spray eliminates any turbulence and overspray. its simple and effective design makes Dualine Spray perfect, even for beginners.  
  • Premium Quality Material: Dualine Spray is lightweight, durable and made of high-grade material. It perfectly fits in your hands and allows you to spray for hours without any fatigue. 

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