Findx Kids Waterproof Smart Watch

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Now, you can keep a close check on your love ones without being there with them. Findx Waterproof Smart-watch with the GPS will keep you updated with your kids location and much more, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

The waterproof smart watch is designed keeping 3-15 years old in mind. perfect fit for kids. Its voice call and video ensure your kids safety. 

In case of emergencies, your child can alert by pressing the SOS button. Pressing and holding the button for 3 second will activate an emergency alarm and automatically dial up to 3 pre-set phone numbers on repeat until someone picks up.

Moreover, it also provides the location of the SOS along with Google Maps link to guide you. if your child is lost, felling unsafe or approached by stranger, you can always be there. Findx Waterproof Smart Watch is perfect parenting partner and the smartest way to protect your child no matter where you are.


  • LCD Touchscreen and Magnetic Charging: 

Findx Waterproof Smart-watch can be easily accessed with its touch screen to make or receive calls, just like a smartphone. The magnetic charging area is present on the opposite side of the screen for fast charging.

  • Location Updated and Safe Zones:

With GPS and Google Maps, it updates your child's location every 6 minutes so you can stay aware of your child's whereabouts. You can also set up safe boundaries and zones to receive alerts if you child leaves or enters them. This way, you can stay ahead of any potential trouble. 

  • Smart Monitoring: 

Instead of being bossy and constantly present, give your child some freedom. Our computer and mobile apps will allow you to monitor them from the comfort of your home and work while giving your child the space they need to grow. A built-in pedometer helps in monitoring step counts as well.

  • Video Call and Microphone Remote: 

Findx Waterproof Smart-watch can make and receive video calls using its 2-megapixel front camera. Its built-in microphone can be remotely accessed via your monitoring app to listen in and make sure that your child is in a safe environment. 

  • Premium Quality: 

Made with high-quality silicone, it is very soft and sturdy. It is 100% protected against dust and sand and can work for at least 30 minutes while immersed underwater. That coupled with a 3-day battery life ensures you will never miss a beat when it comes to protecting your child.

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