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Looking for a painting partner? Had enough of the mess or using a spray shield?

Everyone knows that using an air paint sprayer is time consuming, messy and requires a high precision.

Now you can paint the wall or surface without masking, cutting in or spray shields! With the NeatLine Spray you can easily & effortlessly create clean lines among different paint colour surfaces.

NeatLine Spray fits most spray guns that are 7/8” and the special freewheeling disc glides smoothly over any surface with ease, saving you a lot of time, energy and efforts. 

Suits painters, artists or home owners who plan to renovate their home. NeatLine Spray is your ultimate painting partner. 


  •  Super Easy: Say goodbye to messy air paint sprayers. NeatLine Spray is easy to put together and use. The spray head and baffle are adjustable and versatile. You can rapidly cut-in around windows, doors, roof lines and get professional like finish in minutes. 

  • Time Saver: Masking, taping or dropping sheets before starting the paint job belongs to the past. NeatLine Spray has an airless 315 sprayer nozzle which allow you to spray at any angle while the freewheeling disc ensures a mess-FREE painting, providing a consistent, flat and smooth coat every time. 

  • Global Fit: The creative design prevents over-spray and fits all spray guns and sprayers which are 7-8 inches in size. NeatLine Spray can also be attached to an extension pole for convenient spraying without having to use a ladder.

  • Superior Quality: Manufactured with top quality tungsten steel, NeatLine Spray is a long lasting product so you will have it for years.    

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